Andrew Geffert

Environmental Scientist

Andrew Geffert has been with Point of Beginning since 2017 as a Project Manager & Environmental Scientist. Andrew has extensive experience in stormwater management, permitting and designing, in Wisconsin, Vermont and New Hampshire. Wetland Delineations are also part of the experience that Andrew brings to POB. He has been delineating wetlands since early in his career, 1996, and is certified as an Assured Delineator in New Hampshire and currently working towards becoming an Assured Delineator in Wisconsin. As an experienced Project Manager, Andrew provides as the primary point of contact for clients from fielding initial phone inquiries to the final completion of the project. His expertise includes: Project Management, Storm Water , AutoCAD Drafting, Site Planning, Agency Coordination, Wetland Determination / Delineation, Wetland Alternatives Analysis (For Permitting), Artificial Wetland Exemption Requests, Regulatory Permitting, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan amd Nonmetallic Mining Services (Gravel Pit Permitting).

+1 (715) 344-9999
[email protected]


On the side, Andrew participates in summer Triathlons and winter Biathlons, travels, drinks red wine with his wife and friends and plays with his dog.