Over the past 23 years I have watched Point of Beginning grow from working out of a spare bedroom in my home to a 50-person firm, with 3 Wisconsin locations. There were many ups and downs, hard lessons learned, but the common theme was how proud I was to be the owner of Point of Beginning.

I truly believe in the philosophy that everyone is their own boss and should take ownership of their role. Therefore, transitioning the ownership of Point of Beginning into the hands of the team members, who helped make POB who it is today, was and is the best route moving forward. An employee-owned company allows the team members to reap the benefits of all the hard-work they’ve put in and will put in moving forward.

Lastly, I must also mention how incredibly thankful and grateful I am for every single client that has supported me/POB over the years. Not only do the employees make POB, but the clients as well! We will continue to operate as we have been and appreciate our clients support as we start our new journey as an employee-owned firm.

Scott Groholski


  • The sale of POB officially closed as of 10/31/2023.
  • ESOP stands for employee stock ownership plan, which is a qualified retirement plan.
  • POB celebrated and rolled this announcement out to all staff on 12/15/2023.
  • POB is 1 out of 203 ESOP’s in WI, with only 16 of the 203 companies being Engineers/ Architects.
  • Civil Engineering firms make up 21% of ESOP’s nationwide.
  • There are approximately only 2,500 ESOP that are 100% employee owned, POB being one of them.
  • Becoming an employee-owned firm does not change the current leadership - Scott Groholski will remain the President.